Testimonials About Swisstrax Modular Floor Tiles

Swisstrax has a long list of Sponsors from people like Jay Leno.

Here is a sampling of people that have been so inspired by Swisstrax tiles that they have transformed their garages, displays, and workplaces.


SPEED's Swisstrax pads are easy to assemble, provide durable, studio floor protection and look fantastic on camera.

Nicci Roebuck, Production Manager, SPEED

Valerie Thompson 2 Valerie Thompson 1 Valerie Thompson 3

The final decision for shop flooring in our new facility did not come easy, until discovering Swisstrax. Not only was the ease of installation considered an advantage, but also the excellent value and overall cost saving from that of traditional epoxy based products.

Appearance and durability were our two primary factors when selecting a floor material. It was found that in addition to Ribtrax's high impact tile design, it is also resistant to many chemicals and cleaners, and provides a clean, professional, polished look.

In the end, our new shop is now truly a showpiece and compliments the many other features found in our new facility.

Ted Johnson President, Aero Products

Aero Workshop

To whom it may concern;

In 2001 Aprilia USA was searching for ways to reduce our operational costs for our corporate display. One issue was the rising costs of carpeting, maintenance, cleaning fees and transportation. The solution was SWISSTRAX brand floor tiles. We have been using the same floor now for five years, over 60 consumer shows and have had tens of thousands of people walk on the same floor. The look is quite different from carpet, and to be honest we have never so much as pressure washed the black tiles.

Not only does the flooring stand up to thousands of feet - but to the weight and stress of forklifts that regularly driver over the flooring to set up our displays. Our seven display kiosks weigh up to 2200 lbs each, and rest on four 4" casters placing incredible weight on small contact points. The flooring still holds up, and the kiosks can roll off the floor when unlocked - not possible on carpet. By modifying a few floor tiles, we are able to allow for floor pocket electrical supply at any spot in the display, and set-up and tear down labor is equal to carpeting when you factor in carpet tape, maintenance and cleaning, labor time, as well as eventual replacement. For transportation we simply split the flooring into large sections, and stack it on a rolling cart for transportation.

A bonus is that the modular flooring can be tailored to almost any shape and size of booth - something that often destroys carpeting - especially when there are venue consideration such a support poles etc. Aprilia USA has had displays ranging from 60x60 feet down to small 10x20's for simple product displays. No matter the size the consistency of the look and texture immediately designates the space as an Aprilia USA Corporate display.

The flooring has been one of the lowest maintenance Items in our display, an important consideration when you have fourteen events in 22 weeks covering North America! I would not hesitate to buy more, and recommend the flooring for any displaying company seeking an operational cost reduction, without the logistical hassle and time spent dealing with carpeting.

Robert Pandya Aprilia USA Product Manager

Robert Pandya 1 Robert Pandya 2

Dear Randy,

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support in 2007. Swisstrax is the next generation of flooring and in my opinion, the best floor of its kind on the market today. I am grateful to be part of your team.

Your commitment has made possible this year’s phenomenal team success, including a Special Recognition Award. Valerie Thompson Racing Team awarded the 2007 “Best Appearing Team.” We believe this award is your success as well.

It was important to me to have a great hospitality area where fans would feel welcomed at all times. The Swisstrax flooring gave the team a fresh new and exciting colorful pit area to hang out in. I cannot wait to get my logo placed into the flooring.

Thanks again for taking my race team to the next level of racing… I look forward to working with you in the future. Let’s keep the competition behind us and race one tile at a time!


Valerie Thompson, Team Owner of Valerie Thompson Racing

Valerie Thompson 1 Valerie Thompson 2 Valerie Thompson 3

I love the design and again wanted to say thanks. After Chuck left I got to thinking and that lead to a Sunday afternoon of painting and pin striping, it all came out so well I thought you might like to see a couple of pics.



Brian 1 Brian 2 Brian3

Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to drop you a line about the Swisstrax floor. We received the floor on Thursday, we worked on the 1200 Sq ft floor for about 7 1/2 hours, the tiles were so easy to install and they look GREAT. I really like the colors for the floor.We decided to do the small Black and White tiles, it was the look we wanted for our garage and the Classic look for our old cars.

I am sending you a few photos of the cars in the garage, my Blue Convertible and Hermans 67 SS Chevelle. Feel free to use them on your site.

Many Thanks!

Carolyn & Herman London, KY

Carolyn London 1 Carolyn London 2 Carolyn London 3

Hello Mike and Randy.

I have attached some photos of the car in the garage with your beautiful flooring!

We received nothing but positive comments on the product. The car owner loved it as well. I have two more photos coming separately for you as well.

Again, we were so thrilled to have your involvement with this event. We look forward to working with you again in 2008 for our next Greystone event.

Thank you again.

Cindy Brynan Senior Recreation Supervisor, City of Beverly Hills

Cindy Brynan 1 Cindy Brynan 2 Cindy Brynan 3

Dear Swisstrax crew,

Just wanted you to know that I love my new garage floor. It exceeded my expectations, and is the envy of my neighbors. One of them now threatens to put in a terrazzo floor to have something 'nicer'.

It went in easily, and it was simple to cut and fit any edge pieces that I needed to adjust.

Thanks for your help in design and for the speedy shipping. Everything came quickly and exactly as expected. It has been a pleasure working with you. "

Dale Morris South Carolina

Dale Morris 1 Dale Morris 2


We have just finished installing the last of the flooring. All I can say is WOW! I am so glad you ended up being the winning product! We initially did the main hangar here, and the main hangar in Florida. The learning curve was shallow to say the least.

After laying the 8000 square feet in Illinois, 6 of us laid the entire 4500 square feet in Florida before Lunch in one day! From there it just snowballed. Everyone that sees it is just amazed!

The owners love it so much, that we ended up doing their personal 4 car garage in Florida too. Then, we did another 3 car garage and a 2 car garage. Finally, the owner had to have his own personal 4 car here in Illinois done as well.

To say the least we are becoming quite the experts at putting this stuff down! It really has made life great here at the hangar. We used to spend one to two days per week, cleaning the floor. I have only cleaned the Swisstrax twice, that's right TWICE since installation, and those times were as simple as walking with a leaf blower.

I'm so hooked that I want it in my garage! Great going on this one guys! We certainly do appreciate all the great customer service we get from you and the folks at Swisstrax.

Dan J. Compton Chief Pilot, Midwest Jet Charter

Dan Compton 1

Good afternoon Randy....We're thrilled with the finished floor project. The photos that follow may be of some help to you. What a difference. Our garage never looked so good. Covering our old epoxy floor complete with it's age spots, cracks and chips with the Swisstrax Diamond Plate design was the answer.

While we were contemplating a repaint job....Swisstrax made the floor more unique and with colors to match our interior floor tile and roof tile really tied the house decor together.

A realtor friend said this was such an impressive surprise when she first saw it...that it is certain to enhance our homes value. Keeping the floor clean will be a breeze as the smooth tile surface will allow us to blow out any of the leaves that get in.

The installation took about 14 hours of working time for our 3 car garage. Friends and neighbors alike have been over to check it out and we've told them just how easy it was to install. The beauty speaks for itself.

We appreciate meeting you and your wife at the Barrett Jackson show....and if you ever get over to San Antonio, we're just 70 miles west to Kerrville. Stop by and see us, we'd be glad to show you around. If we can be of any assistance in tooting the attributes of the floor covering feel free to use us. Our best regards to you and your staff.

Dan and Beverly Wilson

Dan Wilson 1 Dan Wilson 2 Dan Wilson 3

Hi Randy,

I am sending pictures of our completed floor installed at Ryman Truck Centers. Mo purchased your flooring and easily installed it. Feel free to use any of the pictures attached.

Thank you,

Dave Duckett, Ryman Trucking Centers

Dave Duckett 1 Dave Duckett 2 Dave Duckett 3


I just love my Ribtrax on my garage floor for the following reasons:

  • It's absolutely noiseless when you walk on it.
  • Its smooth surface makes sliding large boxes or anything heavy with a flat bottom across the floor easy.
  • Dirt does not show on the surface.
  • The appearance is striking and almost elegant.

May I also add that your customer service has been excellent.


David Wong Granite Bay, CA

David Wong 1

Hi Randy,

Thought you might like to see the results of my garagefloor. It took me about 5 hours total from start to finish. We love it! Thanks for everything.

We are very pleased. I am so impressed by the product that if I wasn't headed into the retirement mode I would become a distributor!

I have 5 tiles left over, so it was close but it worked out perfectly. I had a friend of mine come over so we could double team the cuts, so that helped with the time it took to complete.


Dennis 1 Dennis 2 Dennis 3

We focused our attention on various ways to improve the appearance of the concrete floor. Our considerable research into this subject led us to the conclusion we simply wanted the very best which we determined from our perspective to be Swisstrax flooring. We selected the Diamondtrax line.

It was extremely easy to install and we are, to say the least, greatly pleased with its appearance. Probably our most significant challenge was trying to decide what colors and pattern to use! We found the Swisstrax distributor in Myrtle Beach to be very helpful.

Ed & Sandra

Ed 1 Ed 2

Thanks for the support with your RIBTRAX floor. In our show in Alabama we exhibited our boats on the floor and it turned out awesome. (Take a look at the pictures) I was worried that the tiles would not support the weight but to my surprise they did. I had a lot of interest and I am considering selling the floor from our showrooms. Thanks again for the great service and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Gene Meyers, Paradise Marine Gainsville, Florida

Gene Meyers 1 Gene Meyers 2 Gene Meyers 3

Andy, Randy and Kerri,

In the rush of day-to-day business it is often easy to neglect a job well done. I may be late in saying thanks but hopefully, my tardiness in no way diminishes my appreciation for the exemplary level of service you delivered on the flooring we ordered.

Starting with the day Andy offered to come over and discuss our project with us, to the last day of the show – the entire process was wonderful. The follow-up via phone and e-mail was fantastic. I always knew, or could easily find out, where our order was in the delivery process. Kerri kept me fully informed of the complete shipping details which made my days go much smoother.

There were a lot of people that had serious doubts about the applicability of your product to what we wanted to do but, the finished product put ALL doubts to rest. Your product turned the vision Derek and I shared to reality.

I must also give a special thanks to Andy for trimming the tiles on the perimeter of the floor with his Bullet shear so it would conform to the bin – you did an absolutely fantastic job! And the follow-up the mornings of the show really showed what customer service can be. Thanks so much.

Andy has the pictures … Your entire team has my gratitude and thanks. If you ever need a reference you can count me in. It may not have been a Carroll Shelby product launch but it was still a heck of a lot of fun. I wish all my projects went as smoothly.

Thanks Again!


Jay 1 Jay 2 Jay 3


We love the floor.



Jerry 1 Jerry 2

Dear Mr. Nelson,

I have attended many trade shows in the past as a guest of my sponsors. "Kart Fest International" was the first time I ever had my own booth. Putting down Swisstrax flooring made my booth look great. Many attendees admired at how professional my booth looked compared to some of the big manufactures that were at the show. Some of the other companies displaying at the show were also very impressed. In fact, I was able to pick up a few new sponsors. Thanks Swisstrax!

Jessica Brannam, 34 Time Go Kart Champion and Professional Race Car Driver

Jessica Brannam 1 Jessica Brannam 2


The floor looks great. I will later send a pict. with the Corvettes out of the garage, but did not want to move them until Sat. All my car nut friends love the floor, and I suspect that a few of them will eventually go for this type of floor over paint. As you can tell, I have not resolved storage problems yet, but will eventually have most of the junk you see in the background out of the garage. Bonnie and I are presently discussing this.

I appreciate that you take care of business carefully. Thank you for your help on the floor. If I can send others to you, I shall do so.


Joe Stout

Joe Stout 1 Joe Stout 2 Joe Stout 3

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently a representative from your company approached me regarding your flooring system after he heard from one of my employees that we were to place an Epoxy floor down at our fire station.

I cannot tell you how nice the floor looks and actually helps with the heating system in the apparatus bay. I believe this is due to the fact that we have a radiant heat system and the floor has actually more surface area with the corrugations and makeup of the product than that a regular flat concrete floor. There is also the added feature of being capable of making lines or markings in the actual tile that would eliminate having to paint or use adhesive tape for the markings.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to test the product and for the Great Customer Service provided by Mr. Trueblood.


Fire Chief Kris A. Phipps, Charleston, IL

Kris Phipps 1 Kris Phipps 2

Randy and Kerri,

I'm thrilled. Attached are the pictures of my install in Paso Robles. The garage floor was a mess. Now the floor looks so good, I feel I need to repaint the walls.

My delivery arrived yesterday as promised. I started cleaning up the garage and getting things cleared out of the way at about 10 am this morning. By 12:15 pm, I was taking photos to show the results of my work.

Installing the first row of tiles required a little thought and some time down on my knees. Beyond that, I simply positioned a tile and locked it in place with a couple of taps of my shoe. The remaining work to be done is cutting tiles for a side wall and the rear wall. I expect this to go easily as well.

Thanks Again,

Larry Czapla

Larry Czapla 1 Larry Czapla 2 Larry Czapla 3

Hi Randy,

Attached are some pictures of my garage floor. The installation went very well. The tiles were excellent to work with. In comparing the Swisstrax Tiles to the Costco Tile, which are made by a competitor, I found the Costco tiles to be lacking the quality that the Swisstrax has in the finish. The diamonds in the Costco tiles are almost non-existent.

I also checked out the another Lock tile product and found it difficult to work with. You need a rubber hammer to mate the tiles and they were hard to get apart. I'm confident I made the right decision going with Swisstrax.

Several of my neighbors have stopped by to see the floor and really liked what they saw. I gave them my sales pitch and gave them your web site.

Let me know if you need additional pictures and feel free to use me as a reference.

Thanks for your great service,

Lyle Trapani

Lyle Trapani 1 Lyle Trapani 2

Last night I was painting wardrobes in the garage (for my motorcycle gear) with the matching red stripe/checker pattern. As soon as I'm done, I'll send new pics! Also, the Swisstrax look GREAT in the single car garage and since I use it for storage, in case any moisture were to enter they will keep the moisture off of my stuff.

Oh, and the Ribtrax are GREAT when it snows. Instead of my garage turning into a messy puddle of snow/ice/salt, the snow melts and drips and drains away underneath the tiles - eliminating mess and slip hazards. I LOVE it.


Michelle 1 Michelle 2

Hey Glen,

Just wanted to thank you for the great service and the best flooring made!!! I shopped and tested between Swisstrax and a competitor.

Fire Resistance, Weight, Hammer, Knife, Crack in half test. Swisstrax passes all when the competitors product melted, cracked, were smaller size tiles, and wanted more per square foot.

Through my testing stage, my father bought Swisstrax for his garage before I did, and after seeing his floor I couldn't help myself and had to have it for my garages.

Install was sooo easy and custom fitting was even easier I bought a cheap table saw and it worked great. I even had my 4 year old daughter and 5 year old son help install as well.

I've enclosed some photos of the finished product!!! I'm Super Happy with the final results.....No more epoxy paint!!! No more maintenance ever!!!

Oh by the way I referred Joni B. K. to you he will be purchasing shortly.

Thank you,

Scott R. Gripman President 1st Alliance Banc Corp, Chicago, IL

Scott Gripman 1 Scott Gripman 2 Scott Gripman 3

We have nearly finished our renovation for our new department office here at Performance Nissan. One cool thing that came out of it all is the new flooring that we are using. I thought some of you might find it interesting so here it is:

We used Swisstrax floor tile (Diamondtrax) for our new office's floor.

We layed down a sheet of foam insulation to help dampen the noise when we finally move in. After that we began installing the tile. The Tile just snaps together like Legos for the most part, which is nice. Cutting may be needed on any install, it really all depends. We used a regular table saw style cutting wheel to do this. Next we did the door jam, which we used end caps to finish off the floor.

What's nice about this flooring is that it's predominantly used in the automotive industry for garage flooring, pit areas, service bays etc... It's very resiliant to spills, chemicals, heat, heavy weight being put on it etc...

I am actually going to use this tile, in different colors for my show car display come next season. Our race team actually used a similar tile in their pit work area called Ribtrax which is similar

We actually have this flooring listed on our site already, and are offering it for sale, incase anyone is interested in it. As I said above, our race team used similar tile (found on our site as well), and many other racing teams from f1 to scca use this type of flooring for pit and work areas.

I'm going to create a custom display floor for my show car for next season using this flooring more than likely as well, so you guys can stop by next year and check the stuff out for yourselves at the shows...


Tony 1 Tonw 2 Tony 3

Dear Swisstrax,

I want to first of all thank you for the excellent customer service Traci Moniot provided in answering all of the questions I had on your product. She was very knowledgeable of the product line and was very patient in helping me with my decision and was a pleasure to work with and very responsive and accommodating.

I came across your product by accident. I simply was searching the web for flooring alternatives to Epoxy, as I know people and have talked to people whom have not been happy with the Epoxy applications. Besides many application nightmares with Epoxy, they have had their floors peel, fade and not react well to some chemicals. I am so glad I came across your product, as I installed it myself which was a breeze and it ended up costing less than if I would have had someone Epoxy my floor.

The other good thing about your product that sold me, is the fact that it is more resistant to various chemicals than Epoxy and it is also much more attractive than Epoxy, as you have unlimited design capabilities with the squares, as you can see with my floor design which turned out beautiful. Another great selling point is that if I get relocated, I can take the floor with me and reinstall it at another location, which is impossible to do with Epoxy. Everyone whom sees my floor is very impressed and asks what it is, and I gladly tell them it is Swisstrax, and this is the floor they should go with.

This floor is so nice, that if weather did not cooperate and I was having an outdoor party, I would simply clear the garage of the vehicles and have the party in the garage. If someone spilled something, it would be a breeze to clean.

Mark H., Leawood, KS

Mark h Swisstrax 2 Mark h Swisstrax Mark h Swisstrax 3

Hi Traci ... well, I didn't plan on the flooring to take me 3 months to get to ... but once I did, it was pretty easy overall.

I was very pleased with your customer service, as the product was new and I had numerous questions before ordering. The boss and I exchanged a few e-mails, and you and I communicated a number of times also. What I received was exactly what I needed/wanted, and the installation was much easier than I expected. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I've attached a few progress pics and a final version. I really like the way it turned out with the floor painted red, and the see-through tiles.

Thanks for the great customer service ... I think the pics look pretty good, especially since I don't consider myself that experienced with this type of installation.

Jon L.
Woodbridge, VA

Motorcycle Trailer 1 Motorcycle Trailer 2 Motorcycle Trailer 3


Thanks for your help with planning my Swisstrax floor. Product arrived as tracked by FedEx, install was fast and easy, and result is great, as seen in the attached picture. Here is an excerpt of the e-mail that I have sent to family and friends who with whom I discussed the project.

"These are a hard polypropylene plastic with a textured surface. They interlock tightly so snow, slush, dirt, and debris can be squeegeed or swept out. The pitch is fine, without significant pooling. The install was fast and easy: surface prep involved only sweeping. The edge tiles were easily gang cut with a circular saw and the leading lip and edges sit flat, as does the whole surface, without buckling. I'm very pleased with the product and convenience of installation."

I'm not Jay Leno, and I don't have his garage and cars, but I am a satisfied customer.

Jack L (Chicago, IL)

Jack L 1


Here are some photos-before and after.

I had 1200 sq ft. I laid it down in about 7 hours-that includes moving stuff, cutting down the boxes for recycling, etc. I moved everything myself in/out except the benches and cabinets-those are heavy and I just went up to them-just like your instructions say. Due to my “L” shaped garage, I had to cut approx 64 feet, plus around two sets of steps (and underneath one set). Not too bad since I used a skill saw-I’m pretty particular and made nice cuts by clamping down a straight edge and maintaining the ¼” gap all around. Not a single wall is ever straight you know! I could have done it faster for sure but I took my time, took a few breaks as I wanted it done right so I can enjoy it for years to come. It was very easy to install no doubt.

I will say, reviewing all the half-dozen samples I had, your product is superior. It conformed to my floor great-I have drains in the center of each of the 3 stalls with about a 2” drop. As a mechanical engineer, I knew why, both design, mechanical properties and aesthetics. Once I’ve installed it and have used it even just a few days with vehicles, etc., it is the greatest. My wife loves it as well.

I had about one box of cut-off scraps. I’m assuming your product can be recycled and I believe it is a #5? I only have #1 and #2 plastic recycling at my home, but would take it to recycling as I prefer not to throw away.

Thanks again for your help,


Motorcycle Trailer 1 Motorcycle Trailer 1 Motorcycle Trailer 1

Dear Randy and Traci,

Here are some photos-before and after.

The company of Sherman Auto Sales, Inc. is very pleased with your product. We occupy an old time Mercury dealership building, that is from the 1940’s. Your representative, Andy Trueblood represented your product extremely well. I cannot say enough NICE things about Andy. In business you have to like the product and the person whom you are dealing with. Both of these categories were 100 percent. Andy was extremely courteous, kind and very helpful from our first phone call to helping with the installation. Your floor enhanced our building. I would be pleased to personally talk to anyone considering your product. I feel you have an outstanding floor tile. We are already considering another section of the building for your floor.

I had previously contacted Traci to thank her for her help with our layout, but I felt this all needed to be put in writing. In closing I am proud to say we our a 63 year old family used car business that has taken much pride in our building and are proud of what your floor has accomplished for us in a very practical and striking manner. I have forwarded a few pictures to Traci, but as our restoration is completed I will be sending more.


Mark Sherman, President
Sherman Auto Sales, Inc. - St Louis, MO

Original 1940's Shop Before Installation After Installation
Motorcycle Trailer 1 Motorcycle Trailer 1 Motorcycle Trailer 1

Hi All,

Once again I want to thank you for all your help. The tiles were delivered as promised on Friday.

The floor looked absolutely spectacular. We got tons of excellent comments on the car and also on the floor. Two news photographers were hanging around the booth like paparazzi. The traffic was terrific and it was absolutely non stop at my showroom for the full 4 hours. I did not get even one minute to venture away from my space but I was told by people that my slot was the busiest at the show. The Swisstrax floor made a big difference in my opinion to the professional appearance of my presence at the show.

The color scheme was suggested by Randy and I am so glad I listened to him instead of my original bland black and white scheme.

Simon Saba, SABA Motors

Michelle 1 Michelle 2


The total experience is excellent. I received same day response to all of my phone calls, which is not the norm for many companies. You did not rush any of the phone calls and walked thru the installation steps ensuring I understood the changes required for a premium installation. You packaged my order yourself to ensure I received the shipment on Friday so I could install the floor during the weekend; again this is not the norm for most companies. The installation instructions you provided made the job as easy as your web site shows. I have and will continue to recommend this product and your company to others without reservation.

Again thank you for everything. I noticed your position is "Sales Manager", please let your supervisor know they have the right person in this position.


Wade Eaton, Antioch, CA

Dan Compton 1


We love the Ribtrax flooring system we recently purchased from you. It was easy to do the layout with your online design center and everything fit just right. We did our two car garage and our single car garage in about four hours (this included moving items in and out of the garages). The flooring has been down for several weeks and it still looks just like the day we put it down and the garage still looks really clean. One thing I discovered while installing the floor in the single car garage is that the Ribtrax is versatile too. I decided to switch the location of two of the colors because once I saw it in person I liked the other color combination better. One thing for sure, if we ever move again I will definitely be taking that flooring with us! Thanks for having such a great product.

David Woodard Las Vegas, NV

Dale Morris 1 Dale Morris 2

Hi Traci,

Thanks again for your help!!! The template really helped us to lay out our design.

Attached are the pictures we have so far. The truck arrived about 8:00 a.m. We could hardly wait to see how our new floor would look. We took everything out of the garage and were only going to lay down one row, to see how it look and how it would fit. Well, 2 hours later we had the WHOLE floor done!!!

WE LOVE IT and it was so easy to put down!!!! What a great idea!!!

Carl & Nancy - Parker, AZ

Dale Morris 1


I am the happy recipient of the Swisstrax Floor system and completed the installation in less than a day. This included removing everything, which actually took longer than installing the floor. I had absolutely no problems with the install, and found cutting some pieces was accomplished with a 7 inch skill saw. Fit was exactly as advertised and each piece fell into place. Walking on it seems more comfortable than cement. My area was approximately 800 sq feet. I have attached a couple of pictures of it in use with my latest project.

Yes, I am a satisfied customer.

Thank You,

D. Nielsen
Reno, NV

Dan Compton 1

We had been looking for the perfect garage flooring, and we found it at Swisstrax. Their Ribtrax floor tiles are the best on the market! And, everything about our experience was fantastic...from preliminary inquiries, designing the floor pattern, personalized help with our order, excellent pricing, prompt shipment of the product, and ease of installation. The results...just great! We love our new garage floor! Thanks, Swisstrax!

Dave P., Green Valley, CA

Dave Duckett 1 Dave Duckett 2 Dave Duckett 3

Hello Kerri,

I greatly appreciate you working with me to fine tune the order to end up with a great looking garage. I just love opening the garage door for someone to show them the final look. It never fails to bring a surprised and impressed reaction. I am thrilled with the product and the service you two provided. THANK YOU!

Fred S.Ventura, CA

Carolyn London 1 Carolyn London 2 Carolyn London 3

I had done research on garage flooring options, epoxy paint, liquid granite and various floor tiles. The epoxy and liquid granite do not carry a great warranty and the ones I have seen had peeled. I requested floor tile samples from the 3 leading companies in various colors and types.

Of the three samples I received Swisstrax was the best, even more connectors per tile than the other two.

We went to the design and color phase and to my surprise Traci Moniot was with us at every decision and question always with a smile in the voice. She is without a doubt the best representative of a company I have had the pleasure to deal with. Everything that Traci had told me and promised were factual. She and the Swisstrax Corporation lived up to and surpassed every measure of my expectations.

I completed the garage in one and a half days and have had nothing but compliments. The Ribtrax resolved our slipping problem from the pool to the garage and also hides the ugly concrete. Unexpectedly the grandchildren now have a new playroom to ride bikes and dance!

I give Swisstrax and Traci the highest recommendation possible, anyone considering garage flooring would certainly not be disappointed. Traci once stated “our being happy is her main concern”, for that I thank her.

Mike Manson La Verne, CA

Dale Morris 1 Dale Morris 2

Subject Location: Marine Canvas & Upholstery Shop

Problem: The existing shop floor was concrete and was extremely difficult to keep clean. We utilize the floor area for laying out large patterns and problems and delays constantly occurred in trying to keep fabrics clean during processing.

Investigation: We researched a variety of potential solutions. Epoxy floor coating did not seem to hold up over time in a heavy work flow area. Alternative manufactures floor tile solutions were also reviewed and although less expensive did not provide the smooth, clean and weight bearing capabilities that we required.

Result: After discovering SwissTrax and researching the product specifications, we selected their tiles. Fabrication was very straightforward and simple. The tiles lock together securely and you get no creeping tile separation. More time was spent moving equipment than laying tile. We chose to install a foam underlayment to deaden the noise level. Cleaning is a breeze as the floor easily sweeps up and can be simply cleaned with a mop and water.

We also make double use of the shop to service my son’s stock car. SwissTrax easily handles the weight of the car and jacks and jack stands.

We are thrilled with the results. We now have an excellent looking floor which presents the shop much more professionally as well as the durability and cleanliness that we required. I would not hesitate to recommend Swisstrax flooring.

Dale Morris 1

Dear Swisstrax,

I want to first of all congratulate you on your super team. The people I spoke with were not only completely knowledgeable as to the specs of their product but could objectively answer all my questions regarding the difference between your product and your competitors. The assistance I received from Traci in choosing my tiles, Ribtrax, setting out the pattern and measuring for material made the job as easy as could be, even though nobody threw in the kids to lay the tiles. My 720+ sq ft. went down in no time, and judging from the face prints on the garage windows, the neighbors like it too. Thanks for an excellent product that performs as advertised.

Bill Halstead California/Arizona

Dan Compton 1

Episode Air Date: January 3, 2010

Finally, after tripping over boxes, soggy socks and season after season of moving piles around in the garage I decided to tackle the infamous garage makeover. There were a few problems that I knew the makeover needed to solve. Of course first and foremost it had to fix the clutter problem. With both cars in the garage there is little room to walk around the cars. Added to the clutter already in the garage I’ve been wanting to purchase a small snow blower, but alas no place to put it. So the garage is a bit ‘overstuffed’. Then, there’s the floor. Due to a little settling, the drainage isn’t fabulous. So the floor stays wet from melting snow and even when dry, you can’t keep from tracking pebbles and rock salt in to the kitchen across the hardwood floors.

There are a few considerations that I had to keep in mind when working out the garage update. With the limited space around the cars the floor needed to be cleared for better/safer access. Surely there was a way to store a snow blower without tripping over it. The electrical outlet in the garage is in front of one of the cars making it difficult to run a long cord outside without moving a car. As for the floor, it was obvious that paint or epoxy coatings wouldn’t help the debris or the melting snow problem.

The makeover:

First the floor. I chose a cool floor product called “Ribtrax” made by Swisstrax. Easy to put together, the ribbed tiles just snap together. I had the floor done in an afternoon...and its fabulous. Snow just melts and goes right through the ribbed floor tiles. The water either moves to the drain or evaporates from the concrete.

The installation of the floor was a few steps from start to finish. First I experimented with the look of the floor in the Punch! software design. Once I got the desired look, I used the on-line swisstrax layout tool to get an estimate of the number of tiles needed. When you order, the company will help assure that you have the right number of tiles for the project. To install them, the process starts in the corner of the garage, rather than the center. The floor tiles have 2 edges with ‘in’ connectors and 2 edges with ‘out’ connectors. If you start in the back left corner and work you way out and to the right, everything will just snap together. You will likely trim a few tiles, to work around posts or stairs (like in this project)… easy to do with a circular saw.

To organize, I chose ClosetMaid. Again it was great laying out the garage space with Punch! before starting. I decided where the shelves would go and what cabinets were needed. To start, I put in the two cabinets. They are free-standing cabinets which require assembly. Some basic tools are all that’s required to assemble the cabinets which had good logical directions with lots of pictures to help.

Then the shelves. ClosetMaid has a cool installation system that lets you just install a track across the wall, and the vertical standards that the shelves mount on just slide on and are automatically level. In one day, we had all of the shelves installed in the garage.

The key step is the Track that the vertical standards mount on. Rather than using a level and setting the track down on the wall, I checked the level up in the corner and it was perfect. The track was attached with woodscrews into the header, simply checking to make sure that it remained Level all the way across the wall. I set the track so that the first edge of the shelf can be right at the corner of the inside cabinet. The vertical standards just hook into the track and you can slide them along the track into position on the wall. You can attach these anywhere along the wall however these were screwed into studs for additional strength. Once they were all mounted I hooked in the shelf supports and put up the shelves.

Pleased with the results, I followed the same steps on the opposite wall. There were a couple of vertical standards that were mounted over the garage window. This required cutting those verticals and drilling a second hole so that they could be attached to the wall properly, but not difficult at all to do with a drill and hacksaw. Finally the shelves in the corner went in the same way however longer vertical standards were used so that 4 shelves could be mounted rather than 1 or two.

The storage cabinets are gorgeous and perfect for organizing car cleaning items, yard sprinklers, tools, etc. With ample shelving the garage can be organized, with everything kept up high and out of the way leaving plenty of room to move around the cars. The last steps.. loads of hang-ups on the wall to organize household long handle cleaning items and tools and I built a little table to stack the snow blower on top of the mower. To solve the electrical cord problem I mounted a storage wheel for air compressor hose on a gate hinge between the cars so I can pull out the cord and reel it back in easily. Now, if I just had a built-in margarita machine!

Dan Compton 1

Hi Traci-

Best floor I've ever owned! Worth every penny, and it was cake to install! Thanks for a great product and even better service. Have a nice day.

Bill L. Colorado Springs, CO

Bill Lesniewski 1 Bill Lesniewski 2

Hi Traci-

I installed the tile today. Your product is really great. I enjoyed working with it. It only took me about 90 minutes to install except for the ones that had to be cut in. It looks great! I attached a few pictures of the before and after for you. Thanks again for all your help. I am looking forward to doing my patio in AZ.

Rich Marston

Bill Lesniewski 1 Bill Lesniewski 2

Here are some shots of our SwissTrax install this past Sunday. My wife shot video of our son hopping on the tiles to snap them together; he was very eager to help out. She's thinking there's some mileage in the motto "So easy a toddler can do it". :)

I didn't quite follow the "across and down" method that Randy showcases in his installation video, but the floor was still very easy to install. We probably took more time moving all the clutter out onto the driveway (and back in again) than actually laying down the tile. There's still some work to be done around the edges where I'm using a circular saw to cut the tiles so they fit. Overall I'm very impressed with the quality and appearance; it definitely makes the garage feel cleaner and, oddly, larger. A few neighbors who stopped as they were walking through the neighborhood were also impressed.

Take Care,

Dale Morris 1 Dale Morris 2


I can’t thank you enough for all your help! This product is fantastic and it looks great! The colors are perfect.

I’ve attached some photos. I got my contractor out to do the cutting since there was so little to cut and he was in the neighborhood.

I appreciate the time you spent with me to get this exactly the way I wanted it. I’ve had 3 friends come over already and they were amazed at the Ribtrax floor. When I told them I installed it all in a matter of hours, they were even more pleased.

Take care,


Garage Flooring Garage Flooring

Dear Swisstrax crew,

"Garages in which my sports cars can take pride"

Sam Oklahoma

Dale Morris 1 Dale Morris 2

Dear Swisstrax crew,

Hi Traci,

I want to thank you for all your help with my Swisstrax project. I had an epoxy floor which I had never been happy with. Problems with tire prints and dangerously slippery when wet. The Ribtrax has solved both problems not to mention that it is aesthetically a lot more pleasing to the eye. The install was easy and took about 6 hours. Half of that time was doing the final trim and working around some doors. As my wife said, "It was money well spent."

All the best,

Tommy & Kathleen Green Germantown, TN

swisstrax swisstrax

My shipment arrived this morning! I installed my new floor in 4 1/2 hours by myself in 92 degree heat. It came out Fantastic! This is one of the best improvements that I could have made to our house. We started with a 30 year old cracked and terribly stained garage floor that wasn't settling or developing any new cracks and otherwise in serviceable condition and made it look better than new. I have enclosed several pictures of before and after. Also this is the new color pearl grey with pearl silver in a checkerboard pattern. I hope you can use these pictures. Thanks again for all of your help in deciding what colors and patterns were available; we are pleased with the look from the outside of our home and style of our neighborhood.

Rick A. Burch Raleigh, NC

SwissTrax Garage Flooring SwissTrax Garage Flooring SwissTrax Garage Flooring


The floor is awesome! It arrived yesterday and it took me less than an hour to put down. It was easy to assemble and I'm very impressed with the quality of the material!

Thanks for everything. It was a very pleasurable experience dealing with you and your company.

Thanks again,

Scott Doyle Louisville, KY

Swisstrax Testimonial Swisstrax Testimonial


I am so very appreciative of the excellent help and support you provided during my ordering process. Your help and knowledge of Swisstrax products helped my daughter and I put in a floor that she is proud of and looks absolutely great. Besides having a great flooring product along with one that looks great it is just nice to open the garage door and see something that is not just concrete.

You rock and so does the Slate Gray, Carnival Pink, and Pearl Gray Ribtrax Flooring. Yes, I am a satisfied customer can't wait to start on my garage.

Thank you,

Bob Moates Hixson, TN

Pink & Grey Swisstrax Pink & Grey Swisstrax

The product is exactly as advertised. Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll have a beautiful floor in hours. I chose Ribtrax because I live in Wisconsin and snow melting off my cars will flow through the ribbed floor and into my drains. The rest of my garage will remain clean and dry. Best part; my wife loves it!

No worries when dealing with Swisstrax. Great product and great people to work with. They respond to e-mails quickly and return phone calls promptly. What more can you ask for!

Thank you,

Rick Krzyzewski Green Bay, WI

Swisstrax Flooring Swisstrax Flooring