Swisstrax Sponsors and Endorsements

The endorsements below prove why Swisstrax is the Industry's Flooring of Choice!

Ford Motor Company

Swisstrax® is an official licensed product supplier to Ford Motor Company.


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Swisstrax flooring tiles have been chosen for MINI Cooper displays in dealerships.


Bobby Unser (1)

Swisstrax is the exclusive supplier of floor tiles for Shelby.


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Swisstrax is used and endorsed by Mercedes Benz.


Barrett Jackson Logo

Swisstrax is the Official Garage Flooring Supplier of Barrett Jackson.


SPEED uses Swisstrax as their floor of choice for their trade shows and displays.

Bdgarage Logo

The Big Dog Garage uses and endorses Swisstrax floor tiles.

Bdgarage Logo

Swisstrax donates garage flooring to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Nahb Logo

The New American Home Builders Association uses and endorses Swisstrax floor tiles.

Semo Logo

Swisstrax is the exclusive supplier of flooring at the annual Sema show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Leed Logo

Swisstrax recycle rubber flooring tiles are approved with the Leed Certification.

Ford Racing Logo

The Ford Racing Team uses and endorses Swisstrax floor tiles.

Lowes Logo

The Lowe's Motor Speedway uses and endorses Swisstrax floor tiles.


The NTPA uses Swisstrax flooring for their own booths at shows.


Barrett Jackson Logo

Swisstrax is used and endorsed by Avis Rent a Car.

Spur Cropped

The Silver Spur is part of a Charity for the San Antonio Spurs. Swisstrax is the preferred floor for these events.


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Swisstrax is used and endorsed by AMA & Monster Energy.


Swisstrax is a proud sponsor of Larsen Motorsports with Elaine Larsen being one of the few female jet fuel car drivers in the world.

Bobby Unser (1)

Bobby Unser uses Swisstrax flooring for his hangers and garages.


For the past year, Swisstrax has been a proud sponsor of Valerie Thompson Racing. Randy Nelson, owner and president of Swisstrax, met Valerie in 2007 at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Valerie selected Swisstrax as her official NHRA Pro Motorcycle race team flooring.

Read the latest on Valerie's Sponsorship and letter to Swisstrax

PowerSport Insitute

"Swisstrax interlocking floor tiles is a technicians dream. Technicians spend a lot of time on their feet, working around a lift or bench area. This flooring can be designed for almost any area, and, once you work on it for just one day, I believe you will see what a great technician investment it is."

Bernie Thompson - Campus Director
PowerSport Institute -


What makes the most recognized companies in the world choose Swisstrax Tiles? It could be:

It could also be that Swisstrax tiles are simply the most durable and easy to install modular floor tiles available.

Your garage and home can be as stunning as our sponsors!


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