Sportrax: Sport Flooring

Sportrax: Small Sport

Sportrax sport flooring is the perfect tile for in-line roller hockey, basketball, and tennis courts as well as garages and workshops. The unique design provides an excellent play or work surface with a small open pattern to eliminate worries about dirt and water interference. Clean up is a breeze with Sportrax sport flooring, simply vacuum up dust using a shop vac, or spray it down with a hose.

The Quality Design of Swisstrax Sport Flooring

Swisstrax sport flooring is durable, attractive, cost effective and completely customizable. This sport flooring will stand up to the demands of your sport of choice. These tiles will with stand temperatures up to 248F and as low as -22F making them great for indoor and outdoor use in all seasons. This sport flooring will not chip or break and can withstand up to 70,000 pounds. These tiles easily will support any support jacks, jack stands, basketball hoop stands, volleyball net stands, and more. If one of the flooring tiles does happen to get damaged they are extremely easy to pop up and replace. Each tile averages five dollars or less in cost and is quick and easy to install, even a child can do it.

Damage Resistant Sport Flooring

The unique design of Swisstrax sport flooring allows for liquids and other sediment to pass through hiding those unsightly moisture leaks and dirt. To clean the sport flooring just spray them down and viola they are clean.

Customizable Sport Flooring

Swisstrax sport flooring are uniquely designed and can be used in several sport applications. They come in 5 colors that allow you to custom design your flooring for use in gym flooring and more. Swisstrax sport flooring can even be customized with a logo or design of your choosing to make your sporting uses have that extra touch of professionalism and uniqueness.

Sportrax Garage Tile: Pool-small (1)

Sportrax garage flooring is ideal for temporary or permanent applications inside or out. Sportrax garage flooring is also easy to install and transport, giving you a portable sports floor that you can take with you!

View the Sportrax Color Chart for available colors.

Sportrax Sport Tile Applications

Sportrax: Bballcourtsmall

Sportrax tiles are also available in our eco-friendly material Rubbertrax, made from 100% recycled materials including tires and car bumpers. Also available in anti-fatigue! Visit our Rubbertrax page for details.

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Sportrax Specifications

  • Warranty: 15 year limited
  • Material: Polypropylene copolymer
  • Chemical Resistance: (UV Stabilized)
  • Alkalis - Excellent
  • Resistance to Oil, Gas & other Auto Fluids - Excellent
  • Resistance to Acids / Solvents - Good
  • Tile Weight: 13.5 ounces
  • Tile Size: 13" square
  • Slide: Non Slip
  • Temperature Tolerances: -22F + 248F
  • Compressive Strength: 5120 psi
  • Fire Rating: HB (Horizontal Burn)

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Available Colors

Swisstrax tiles are available in up to 14 colors.

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