Interlocking Floor Tiles - Samples

Why 2 Interlocking Floor Tiles Instead of 1???

"If you think you have a deal on another tile out there, well think again! Did you get samples of the product? MAKE SURE YOU GET 2 SAMPLES SO THAT YOU CAN SNAP THEM TOGETHER AND SEE HOW GOOD OR BAD THE CONNECTION IS!!! See first hand where the price stops and quality takes over. Even our main competitors have tried to copy our look but they still cannot copy our quality!"
Randy Nelson, President & CEO

Interlocking Floor: Tilessmall

Interlocking Floor Sample Options:

Interlocking Floor: Big Dog Sample
Interlocking Floor: Cut Tiles

Option 1 - FREE SAMPLE
Experience for yourself why Jay Leno chose Swisstrax!

CALL NOW to speak with one of our flooring specialists to receive one (1) complimentary full size tile of your choice. We will help you determine the ideal tile style/color for your application.

*Includes shipping within the continental US only

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Interlocking Floor: 2 Full Tiles


For $14.95, you may order two (2) full tile samples of your choice, any style, any color. Should you then purchase flooring, this amount will be credited to your order or you may send the tiles back for a full credit.

*Price above includes shipping within the continental US only

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Interlocking Floor: Doormatt


For $34.95 + shipping, order a 2 tile x 3 tile floor mat, with edges and corners any style, any color. Ideal for use as a door mat. If you then order 400 sq. ft. or more, you will be credited for the cost of the mat (excluding shipping & handling costs) and you may keep the mat as a FREE thank you gift for your ordering!

* For orders shipping to anywhere outside the continental US, please contact us at 866-748-7940 or via email to

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