Epoxy Floor

An Epoxy Floor can look great and transform the look of many garages. Many people love applying an epoxy floor to their garage, basement, or workshop because it cleans up better than a traditional floor, and has a great shine and glossy look if applied right.

Disadvantages of an Epoxy Floor

However, what most people don't realize, is that the shine of an epoxy floor only lasts so long, and more often than not begins peeling and blemishing sooner than you expect.

If your garage or workshop floor has any cracks or chips, you will need to get them patched up before applying the epoxy. Although an epoxy floor cleans up better than non-treated concrete, dirt will still stand out and water will pool for days, even if the floor is graded properly.

Learn the pros and cons of an Epoxy Floor:

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Compare Swisstrax to Epoxy Floor

Feature Swisstrax Epoxy Floor Covering
15 year limited warranty YES NO
No hazardous materials or toxic fumes YES NO
No acid - washing or surface preparation YES NO
Fully installed in hours YES NO
Easily installed and moved by homeowner YES NO
Not affected by moisture or automotive chemicals YES NO
Not affected by new or existing foundation concrete cracks YES NO
Excellent slip resistance when wet YES NO
Not affected by hot tires YES NO
Easy to repair if damaged YES NO